The science of beauty has brought about a huge leap in regard to cosmetic improvements. As the demands for cosmetic improvements increase in Singapore, various treatments have been developed and the advancements of technology of plasma that uniquely controls thermal energy at and below the skin’s surface have brought about Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration.


Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration has the ability to deal with various skin conditions and simultaneously work for wrinkles, skin laxity, texture, acne, pore size and surface discoloration. With minimal downtime and little to no risk of scarring, hypo pigmentation and other complications that usually arises with cosmetic improvements, portrait skin regeneration introduces consumers to a world of beauty minus the pain. Now, who says that beauty has to be painful anymore?


Employing a highly energized gaseous state, the plasma energy penetrates the skin’s surface and stimulates remodelling of the skin’s initial architecture naturally. It functions to replace old, damaged collagen with significance amounts of new collagen. Portrait plasma skin rejuvenation treatment delivers millisecond pulses of plasma energy uniformly onto the skin surface and extends into deeper dermis while maintaining the structure of skin cells. Despite the heat, it leaves the skin surface intact during the healing process.


The sessions for portrait plasma skin treatment last around 30 minutes, depending on the area being treated and level of treatment. Portrait treatment is usually relatively pain-free, but usually, the clinician will recommend topical anaesthetic cream, injections with or without oral medication before the procedure begins. Those undergoing the procedure might feel a sensation of heat. During the procedure, a specialized hand piece will pass the targeted area, but it never touches the skin. It evenly released across the epidermis. It is quick and safe with different kinds of Portrait plasma skin treatments designed to meet each person’s unique needs.

Portrait plasma skin rejuvenation is considered a safe cosmetic procedure in Singapore. It is common for people in this country to apply this kind of procedure to themselves. It is available in the country for adults. Moreover, it will last longer in a cool and controlled environment.


In summary, here are good reasons for getting Portrait Skin Rejuvenation:

  • preserve outer layers of skin
  • act as a protective dressing until new skin regenerates
  • faster healing time
  • minimize the risk of complications such as scarring
  • minimal to no downtime
  • results get better over time
  • skin appear tighter and more toned
  • scars and sunspot diminish
  • fine lines and wrinkles filling in
  • saggy skin regain its supple tone

Some people do not prefer to undergo drastic cosmetic procedures. Portrait plasma skin rejuvenation is a treatment that will not affect their facial expression. It can also bring back that youthful glow, reducing wrinkles, facial volume loss, and fine lines. Portrait plasma skin rejuvenation can also correct uneven skin tones, as well as age spots on certain skin types. It is a pain-free cosmetic procedure that is a bit expensive, but worth it in the long run.