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Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery is a fast and successful permanent way out to numerous agonizing conditions of the nail. This surgery removes a portion or all of a nail under local anesthetic.  This is performed in combination with chemical removal of the nail bed to avoid probable return of the initial problem such as in-grown or involuted nails.

An in-grown toe nail takes place when a nail has been chipped off or wrongly cut which leaves a nail spike or a rough shoulder. This may go through the soft tissue in the nail groove and grow to be painful and infected. On the other hand, involuted toe-nails are curls from side to side which results in pressure mounting in the nail groove alongside the edges of the nail. This may produce corns and hard skin which are uncomfortable.

Generally, nail conditions are treated with traditional methods such as applying antibiotics, removing the nail or taking away the nail bed. However, these solutions are temporary and sometimes the infections may return resulting in acute pain. If the problem persists, then nail surgery is recommended.

How Nail Surgery Works


The procedure for nail surgery is simple. For in-grown toe nail, an anesthetic is firstly injected into the toe base to make it numb. A part of the nail and the nail bed which is swollen is then cut out. The nail bed is then removed using a chemical and a covering bandage is then put on. For involuted nails, the entire nail and nail bed are cut out leaving only the skin. The whole procedure requires an hour with follow-up check ups to monitor its healing process. Discomfort may follow for at most two days due to the bandage and the tenderness of the toe, but other than that, it is an uncomplicated surgery.


The nail surgery does not pose any difficulty and are rarely dangerous. However, there is the risk of bleeding in the first 12 hours which may cause inconvenience. Pain can also be controlled with painkillers and infections can be treated with antibiotics under doctor’s prescriptions. The healing process takes a week or so and the chance of recurrences of the nail problem is uncommon.


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