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Facial Contouring

Progress in Singapore cosmetic surgical techniques has now made it possible to radically improve the facial profile of a subject through facial contour surgery. More often than not facial contouring involves two processes – augmentation and reduction.


Augmentation refers to the procedure of filling up deficient areas of the face with the subject’s own tissue or with bio compatible implants. Reduction involves reducing the bony areas of the face which stand out too prominently.


To have an aesthetically pleasing facial profile it is vital that the face is balanced proportionately with regard to the nose, cheek and chin. The three common procedures for facial contouring are ‘chin augmentation’ for a weak and receding chin, ‘cheek augmentation’ to overcome the problem of a flat face, and rhinoplasty (nose reshaping).


People who are thinking of opting for facial contour surgery must bear in mind that to achieve the desired results, they may require work on the nose, the cheek, and the chin to achieve the balance and harmony of an aesthetically pleasing photogenic face. Visiting a derma clinic before proceeding on facial contouring is beneficial for the patient. It will avoid unnecessary inconveniences and expenses for the patient’s facial structure.


Having facial contouring is very accessible in Singapore. With the availability of computer imaging, potential patients can get a pretty good idea of what they will look like after the facial contouring procedure. Moreover, there will be no surgical incision scars as most of the incisions are done from inside the mouth, within the hairline, skin creases etc. Having advanced technology will provide the most accurate facial contouring best suited for the patient.


To summarize, facial contouring can be done by filling up areas that need more shape and reduction as the opposite. Advanced technology can show an accurate result of the medical surgery for the patient’s desired results. Facial contouring should be planned first by the doctor and patient on the chin, nose, cheek, and other parts of the face. Going to a reputable clinic is a must since this is an expensive surgery but worth it. Facial contouring will need some fixations after a few years from the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Facial contouring can last around six months to several years, depending on the surrounding environment and facial structure of the patient. It will quickly show its glowing effects after performing the procedure.

A: There are many options for facial contouring that enhances the face. Countries like Singapore and Korea offer advanced technology for injectable fillers. However, facial contouring procedures are not permanent. This kind of contouring is also made for more mature patients since the facial structure is already fully developed.

A: 3D facial contouring is a cosmetic treatment that does not perform any surgery. It only uses small doses of hyaluronic acid dermal filler to enhance, define, uphold, and contour the cheeks, temple, nose, chin, and jawline. 3D facial contouring also rejuvenates the eyes and lips for natural and vibrant results.