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Skin Treatments

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a technique used to improve the condition of wrinkled facial skin. In this process a chemical solution is used to make the target skin area to blister and peel off in time revealing a newly regenerated smoother skin. While there are several types of chemical peels available some of this can be bought off the shelf in Singapore. Though some chemical peels can be self-administered it is best to get professional help. Light and medium chemical peel treatments are a fairly standard and routine outpatient procedure. But deeper chemical peel may require the subject to be anesthetized.


Different Types Of Chemical Peels

I  Alpha hydroxy acid peel (AHA)

AHA peels an organic and the mildest form of chemical peel is suitable for treatment of fine wrinkles, dry skin, uneven pigmentation and problems of acne. The formula can also be used in daily skin care by mixing a little with one’s facial wash or cream.

II Beta hydroxy acid peel (BHA)

BHA has an advantage over AHA in that it is able to get deeper into the pore. BHA peel helps maintain a healthy level of oil in the skin, act on acne and remove dead skin cells. As BHA works deeper below the skin it is becoming more popular than the AHA which works more on the surface of the skin.


III Jessner’s peel

This chemical peel formula is a combination of salicylic and lactic acids, and resorcinol. It is thought to break intracellular bridges between keratinocytes.


IV Trichloroacetic acid peels (TCA)

TCA peel is best when there is a need for a deep acting peeling agent. The recommended usage concentration is between 20 to 50 %. The higher the concentration, the deeper it acts, but there is a danger that concentrations above 35% could cause scarring. The Trichloroacetic acid chemical peel is preferred for darker skin patients. It has the ability to smoothen fine wrinkles, remove surface blemishes and correct skin pigment problems. The negative factors concerning TCA peel is that the subject may need pre-treatment with Retin-A or AHA creams and repeated treatments to maintain results. It is mandatory for the subject to use sunblock for several months after treatment.


V Phenol/Croton oil peel

Phenol/Croton oil peel is the strongest of the chemical solutions and produces a deep skin peel. It has long lasting effects and a single treatment may be all that is required. Phenol peels are used to correct blotches caused by exposure to the sun or aging, smooth out deep wrinkles and remove precancerous growths. The treatment can also lighten one’s skin permanently


The different types of chemical peel will depend on the skin type of a person. Buying them off the shelf and trying them out one by one may be a more costly thing to do. Going to a dermatologist may be costly upfront but more efficient in the long run. Chemical peeling should also be scheduled as it makes the skin thinner, making it more prone to acne and other infections. 


Home remedies can provide a great alternative for those on a budget. However, having a deeper knowledge about the different chemical peels. Also, having a background about your skin is a must. The type of skin a person has changed from time to time. It must be monitored by a dermatologist or by the person for the chemical peels to be effective.

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