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Skin problems


As one gets older, one’s skin is prone to wrinkle as this is a natural sign of aging. When one ages, the skin becomes thin, dry and less flexible. This makes the skin’s defensive system becomes less able thus forming lines, creases and wrinkles.


Although our skin texture is genetic, smoking and too much sun exposure can speed up the development of aging.


Wrinkles can be eliminated and reduced with medications, fillers, surgeries and skin resurfacing techniques. Sometimes over-the-counter products can be used to diminish the look of fine lines. Wrinkles appear at parts of the body which are exposed to the sun such as the face, hands and the neck. There are two types of wrinkles which are fine surface lines and deep furrows.


There are several treatments that are available for wrinkles which include oral medication and cosmetic techniques which can be surgical. Vitamin A is a successful ingredient in treating aging skin and creases. However, they must be used continually to see its improvement. Alpha-hydroxy acids which contain glycolic and lactic acid too can be used to improve the fine lines and are safe to use. Certain creams have antioxidants which can provide sun protection and prevent the formation of wrinkles.


As for cosmetic procedures, there are the glycolic acid peels and deeper peels. Deeper peels have better results as they penetrate deep into the skin and smoothen out fine lines. However, there are side effects such as changes in the color pigmentation and maybe scarring. Mild sedation can relieve any discomforts and no anesthesia is required.


Microdermabrasion which utilizes silica and aluminum crystals can soften and smoothen the skin with several sessions. Dermabrasion on the other hand needs anesthesia and can result in great improvement. This surgical procedure can also cause scarring and changes in the skin color.


Laser resurfacing is the use of lasers which can achieve precision and great satisfactory. The laser is used on the certain area to promote the production of collage synthesis to prevent sagging of the skin. This procedure should be done several times achieve optimum results. Skin may need months to heal but it has better results than dermabrasion. There are other several laser alternatives which need less healing period but it is proven that these quick healing methods are not very effective.


Some people opt for plastic surgery such as facelifts, brow lifts and botox injections. Botox injections can freeze the muscles that produce fine lines and wrinkles and must be repeated several times to maintain it.


Another method of injection into the skin is fillers which can diminish wrinkles. Collage is a popular filler and can last for several months but today, the more well-known fillers contain hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite. These are more widely used now because they can last as long as six months as more.


Patients should consult their dermatologist the available treatments and risks so that patients are well informed and prepared before undergoing the treatments.