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Skin problems

Uneven Skin Tone / Skin Discolorisation

Skin discoloration or uneven skin tone is a common skin condition that happens when one is exposed to sun, have allergic reaction and is also part of aging. But one should not overlook uneven skin tone as patches of discoloration. This is because skin discoloration can be symptoms of tinea versicolor and vitiligo.

Tinea Versicolor is a skin infection which can occur on your stomach, chest and shoulders although one can expect this infection to happen on other parts of the body. However, one should not worry as this is a common condition and mostly affect teenagers and young adults who are living in warm and humid places.

This skin disorder result in lighter or darker skin in specific areas and is caused by yeast which can be healed easily. In this condition, yeast is actually feeding on dead skin cells and the skin’s natural oil and thus spreading quickly to other parts of the body. There are antifungal medicines to combat this skin disease which contain selenium sulfide or ketoconazole. Sometimes doctors may prescribe oral medications to fight off the fungal disease.

Vitiligo is another common skin discoloration disorder and it is brought about due to a loss of skin pigmentation. The diminished skin pigments are obvious as one has pale and irregular shaped spots on the skin. In other words, our normal skin will have light patches at the infected area. Vitiligo can occur in any part of the body and it can certainly extend to the face and soles of the feet.

This disorder affects young adults and skin pigmentation usually begins in the upper or lower body. It is monitored that these pale patches happen in a symmetrical pattern between the upper and lower body. There is still no answer to why this skin condition happens but evidence shows that it runs in the family and sometimes it could be due to the defection of the immune system. Stereoidal therapy and skin grafting can be used to apply for this skin disorder.

 Some common discoloration examples are people from asian countries like Taiwan and Singapore, having yellow patches on their skin. These types of genetics are also prone to having eczema, another type of skin condition.

One should not be overly concerned because skin discoloration is harmless and is actually just imbalance on melanin and sebum in our skin tissues. Melanin manages our skin pigmentation and sebum attached dead skin cells to our dermis instead of shedding them and thus, causes discoloration. People with hormonal changes such as pregnant woman or who takes oral contraceptives may experience skin discoloration too. Sometimes people who lack of vitamins do get this disorder as well.

If the pale patches are not caused by skin diseases, do rest assured as it does not pose any health problems. However, uneven skin tone affects one’s self-esteem and makes one looks older. Skin discoloration can be remedied with over-the-counter products that contain Vitamin C which promotes collagen.

Cosmetics are another method to even the skin color. From facial scrubs to make up, these methods are natural and well-known. Scrubbing with honey and oatmeal can easily be whipped up at home and this method has proven to lighten uneven skin tone. Make up too can do wonders as you just need to match a color closest to your skin color. Foundation will look natural when you choose the nearest color to your facial skin.

For mid cases, Microdermabrasion can gradually improve the looks of skin discoloration. Laser resurfacing too can eliminate the outer layer of skin while revealing an even toned skin beneath. Chemical peels sometimes are used in combination with laser resurfacing to produce the best results.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is another kind of laser which can be used onto freckles and mild cases of freckles and sun spots. Another way to combat the darker spots is to bleach the skin by delaying the melanin’s production with hydroquinone creams. Dark spots gradually will fade away, baring smooth facial skin. Other ways of treating skin discoloration are hydroxy acid peels which improve cell renewals and physician formulas which may be expensive but nevertheless very effective in treating skin pigmentation.

When one experiences this skin disorder, one should not be exposed to the sun as it only worsens the problem by enlarging or darkening the spots. Melanin absorbs UV sun rays to defend the skin and this causes patches to be darker. One should prevent uneven skin tone by taking good care under the sun and wear sunscreen to block out sun light. Having a sunblock with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 up to 30, depending on the climate condition, is beneficial for your skin.

Uneven skin tone is usually harmless. It is best to have the skin checked since it may be a symptom for tinea versicolor or vitiligo or To know more about different solutions for uneven skin tone, it is best to consult a trusted dermatologist. In that way, the doctor will know how mild or severe skin condition may be. Thus, giving the right prescription and time frame for the uneven skin to be corrected.

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