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Sweaty Underarms

The medical term for sweaty underarms or armpits is axillary hyperhidrosis and it may occur on its own or together with other kinds of hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet or face. A lot of people from Singapore face the same problems due to the weather and the type of food they eat. Although left unnoticed by some people, it makes other people worried about their health. What factors are considered before it is called excessive sweating? 

Underarm sweating is very bothersome as it sets out odor which poses a social and working problem for those who have this problem. It is however normal for people to sweat in the armpits while exercising or doing any physical work but those who have this problem experience sweating even in normal circumstances. Stress and anxiety may also add to the generating of even more sweat.

Although this is rarely an issue with children, the few cases that do, face social problems at a young age. Some active and playful children experience excessive sweating even when they sleep.   They get mocked and laughed at for the unpleasant odor and the teasing somehow gets into the child which may result in social phobias in his life.

So it is crucial parents do give attention to any child’s body changes or any unusual smell that is produced from the child. Changing their shirt more often can help the child lessen the sweat odour. Refraining from playing and other active activities at night can also help reduce the sweat when sleeping. Sweaty underarm is a medical problem and is not a cosmetic issue and tend to have this misconception.

Unnecessary sweating is believed to run in the family and one should determine if they truly have this problem through gravimetric measurement. Treatment of underarms sweating depends on whether the hyperhidrosis is primary or secondary. 

Underarms that sweat are prominent because of the distasteful smell and the sight of the clothes’ wetness at the armpits. Usually beginning from the early stage of puberty, the sweat can leave clear stains on the clothes and cause embarrassment. In addition to this, the foul smell from this issue cause underarms sweating to be more of a social problem rather than a medical one.

People who experience severe sweating do not feel comfortable interacting with people and have low self-esteem. They do not have confidence and are very sensitive to their surrounding which adds to their paranoia. All these can result a mental trauma and counseling is needed to treat this psychological problem. Some even suffer emotional anxiety and problems in their working place which makes their everyday hard to go through.

Those who experience this issue may change their clothes frequently to prevent the display of soaked clothes. Silk and nylon are not good choices for those who sweat excessively and light colored materials should be avoided. Some resort to pad shields and absorbent tissues to reduce the odor to get more severe. Antiperspirants too can treat underarm sweating that is not that severe to reduce the smell of sweat.

There are surgical treatments but they come with side-effects such as compensatory sweating, slow healing and the formation of scars. Sometimes when the underarms have stopped sweating from this surgical treatment, other body parts start to sweat excessively. 

Different people have different causes of sweaty underarms. The cause may come from eating spicy food from Singapore, activities done daily, or the intake of medicine.  Whatever the cause of the sweaty underarms may be, it is best to consult a medical doctor expert in this field.

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