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Sweaty Palms / Sweaty Hands

Sweating is a mechanism to normalize the body’s temperature and to keep the body system in check. Humans have millions of sweat glands and most of them are found in the hands and so it does show on the hands when one sweats. When one becomes nervous due to stress or physical energy or merely because of temperature, sweat glands will discharge sweat to cool the body by regulating the body temperature. Why do some people experience a lot of sweat from their palms or hands without doing any activity or changing the environment? What can be the other causes of excessive perspiration of hands and palms?


Sweaty palms affect a small group of population and also known as palmar hyperhidrosis. The cause of this condition cannot be pin-pointed yet but it is deemed to be the cause of hyperactive sympathetic nervous system. This system causes sweat glands to generate unnecessary sweat.


Those who experience the more severe case of sweaty palms are in actual facts the body’s response in cooling down the temperature. This causes discomfort and awkwardness which pose obstructions to performing everyday tasks. Aside from slippery handshakes, ruined paperwork, and pens slipping off your hands, it also decreases some people’s confidence in showing affection to their loved ones. There are several different methods to treat sweaty palms but there is no absolute cure to it thus people with this condition has to live with this their entire lives.


Historically, sweaty palms are categorized as a psychosomatic illness but today, this is debatable. Although it is true that psychological can contribute to the condition of sweaty palms, it is also understood that physiology can worsen sweating such as stress. Our sympathetic nervous system handles all our body’s responses and this involves the release of the quantity of chemicals such as the rise of heart rate, adrenaline, the constriction of blood vessels and sweating as well. However when our sympathetic nervous system breaks down, certain responses are triggered at unsuitable times such as the sweaty palms condition.


Within the last few decades, several treatments have been constructed to treat sweaty palms to allow these people to go through a more regular lifestyle. Sometimes, doctors may recommend a minor operation to control the sweat glands when one sweats nearly 4 liters per day in comparison to the normal 300ml each day.


Some dermatologists in Singapore perform surgery with Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections. The result is temporary, it will only last for four to six months. Meanwhile, other dermatologists use iontophoresis. This type of surgery uses a low electric current to block the sweat glands. It only brings short term relief. 


Other than surgery, there are several other alternatives such as taking oral supplements such as the nutritious sage. This nourishing food cuts perspiration into half and it reduces sweating. This herb has medicinal value and does not have side effects in consuming this herb. Patients with sweaty hands has to be consistent in eating nourishing food in order for it to take effect on the body. Thus, making it a long term healing for your hands.


There are of course other alternatives to surgery. Suppose take sage for example. Sage can cut perspiration by half in your body. Take tea striped with sage it might just work miracles for you in reducing sweating. Herbs are often the best way to treat a physical problem. They have medicinal values and at the same time they do not cause any side effects on the body. It helps without causing you any kind of pain at all.


Another operation is thoracic sympathectomy which can manage excessive sweating and it can be done endoscopically. Although this surgery is the best cure for controlling unnecessary perspiration, it should only be done for those who experience the severe cases of this condition.


Performing operational procedures depends on how people can tolerate their sweaty palms. Getting a second opinion from your healthcare provider is required before undergoing minor procedures on your hands. Treating sweaty palms are viable to professional  Singapore doctors. 

Applying antiperspirants on your hands and feet before sleeping can help in managing sweaty hands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Sweaty hands or palms are not generally a sign of anxiety. It only applies when you are feeling anxious first before having sweaty hands.  Sweaty palms are a sign of anxiety after or during the feeling of anxiousness. The sympathetic nervous system unleashes a lot of information to your body, causing sweaty palms, shaky hands, and dry mouth.

A: Sweaty hands or palms will not go away. It will only lessen as the age increases. Certain oral medications can be done to lessen the sweat. Some people also opt for medical surgeries to eliminate sweaty palms.

A: People can use antiperspirants for their hands. However, there is a possibility of skin irritation. It is best to consult your healthcare provider before using any antiperspirant to the affected area.