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Skin problems

Sun Spots

There are many anti-aging skin care products these days to counter age spots. In spite of the rage for anti-aging skin care, many have mistaken facts in regards to age spots. First and foremost, age spots are not the result of aging but by the exposure of UV sunlight. Age spots are also known as ‘liver spots’ but they are not related to the liver as some may misinterpret.


The accurate name for age spots is ‘solar lentigo’ and it means spots caused by sunlight. Basically, age spots are large freckles and can emerge anywhere on the face, arms, hands, feet and back. Fair-skinned people are more apt to this skin condition. In general, people have frequently misunderstood that age spots is only a beauty problem not knowing that age spots can bring about dryness, rough skin and thinning of the skin which can lead to bruising.

Age spot treatments can be performed by a dermatologist who will determine the appropriate method after taking into account the location, skin and amount of age spots which need to be treated. They include simple face cream application to Cryotherapy to freeze off the age spots. There are also lasers and tretinoin to eliminate age spots and all these are done with prescription. Over-the-counter creams may work but are not entirely dependable as they are less effective than creams given by your dermatologist.


Age spots can be prevented by reducing your exposure to sunlight. Another effective method would be to use sunscreens, e.g. face and hand cream which contain SPF 15 are currently popular in the market. This can prevent direct UV lights to penetrate the skin and having age spots at noticeable parts of your body such as the face, arms and hands.