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Skin problems

Skin Laxity

When one ages, the skin is an obvious give away as visible reminders appear on one’s skin as part of the natural aging process. Collagen fibers in the skin are stretched when one ages and this is known as skin laxity.

During the aging process, the skin will gradually lose its natural firmness and skin is not longer taut. The youthful density of the skin will slowly become saggy and loose. Skin laxity can take away one’s beauty as the person looks older and less radiant with loose skin.


Loose skin not only occurs on the face but nearly in every part of the body. Although saggy facial skin is the most obvious, skin laxity can take place under the neck, arms, chin and even on the hands, thighs and abdominal area. But one looks older in spite of where the skin laxity develops.


Not everyone experiences the same degree of skin laxity and other people may develop this condition in different areas of the body. The best way to have good skin is to prevent any chance of developing skin laxity. Diligent use of daily skincare is important in having and maintaining good skin. The products should include UV protection as the sun can easily damage skin.


IPL skin tightening is a treatment which uses pulsed light to heat the dermis layer of the skin. The heat is gentle and encourages natural collagen and one needs to undergo several treatments to achieve plump and firm skin. IPL can be done in combination with Accent Radio Frequency tightening and any other skin care treatments and products. Skin tightening requires very little downtime to heal and there is no side effects therefore it is safe. Sometimes botox and filler injections are used in conjunction with skin tightening to get optimum results.


Sometimes when skin laxity has come to a critical stage of very loose and saggy skin, one can opt to surgically remove this excess skin such as eyelid surgery and face lift. However, it is best for an experienced dermatologist to examine the condition and suggest a suitable treatment in accordance to the location and degree of skin laxity.