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Skin problems

Skin Growth

Our skin is an important organ as it is our exterior and protects our bodies from bacteria, virus, toxin and physical impacts. As the most exposed organ, our skin is prone to cancers, tumors and rashes.


However, most of the skin diseases can be treated and are usually non-cancerous. The bothersome part in actual fact is the need to be beautiful and having flawless skin. The good new is many technologies in Singapore have revolutionized to achieve just that.


Skin growth or skin lesion is not something uncommon and can occur in patches, bumps, moles, lumps, and as warts. These skin eruptions can take shape in many other kinds of abnormal form and they require medical examination. Having skin growths can be a sign of internal complications. It may also come from family genetics, a non-cancerous skin condition.


Mole is a kind of skin growth as moles can be prominent and be raised in characteristic. Moles on bodies should be checked constantly to keep track of their changes in pigmentation, sensation and form. The moles that are more at risk to changes will be moles that are exposed to sunlight as sunlight can make significant changes to any part of the skin. The moles that one should be wary of should be moles from birth, irregular colored and shaped moles and large moles which can be common.


Warts too are common growths that can take place in several parts of the body. Warts are the result of HPV (human papilloma virus) and can affect any skin type and may just disappear without treatment. However, if the warts are persistent, medical treatments can help eliminate these warts if one finds it unattractive. Sometimes, wart may encourage skin cancer and even cervical cancer.

Cryotherapy, laser surgery and chemical treatments can help remove these warts with any dermatologist’s expertise.


Keratosis pilaris is a kind of skin lesion which describes cells that are trapped and plug hair follicles instead of coming off from the skin. They looked like raised bumps and can appear in multiples in the areas of the arms, thighs, back, buttocks and sometimes on the face. This type of skin growth is normal among teenagers and is not serious. Long baths and diligent application of moisturizers can help improve this condition. But at times, this skin condition causes irritation and discoloration which then require topical treatments to effectively remove these bumps.


Another sort of growth that bothers people over the age of 40 is seborrheic keratosis and this condition includes irritation and itchiness. It begins with an appearance of brown keratotic stack on lesion which can occur in any part of the body. There is no exact home treatment and cream for this situation but one can opt of cryosurgery and laser surgery to remove the unattractive growths.


An irritating kind of growth that develops on most people is called skin tag. As its names, skin tags are small pieces of flesh that hang and they occur in places where skin frequently rubs onto clothes and skin or moist areas such as the armpit and thighs. Most of these hanging pieces are small but they can continue to enlarge and they can sometimes be painful because of where they are located. It is advisable to have these skin tags remove as they pose pain, bleeding, infection and irritation.


Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer but it can be treated if one identifies any changes in your moles early. Most often than not, this disease is normally discovered at its late stages which result in fatal death as the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Melanoma can be found on pre-existing moles that are usually exposed to sunlight which is the main culprit for skin cancer. It is important that one frequently have self examination to check any abnormal moles and changes to your existing moles.


Other kinds of non-cancerous lesions which are common are cysts, freckles, fibromas, keloids and dermatofibromas. Sometimes even where these lesions are benign and do not pose any danger, it is the unsightly characteristic that is undesired by many. With the need of achieving flawless skin, people sometimes opt for treatments to remove these unattractive growths as they can cause embarrassment and discomfort.


One should be well informed and educated about the type of skin growth he has and what treatments that are available to counter it. It is important to know what you are at risk, how you can prevent skin growths and all the options that available to treat your lesion. Professional dermatologists in Singapore are well trained for these kinds of skin conditions. Consulting a professional is best before doing anything to skin growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Cryotherapy, laser removal, or chemical treatments can be done to treat skin growth. Home remedies can only have little effect on the skin. It is best to perform cosmetic procedures rather than doing home remedies. 

A: Having human papillomavirus can generate extra skin growth on the skin. High levels of growth factors and hormonal changes can also be one of the factors for skin growth. People with insulin resistance, not absorbing glucose effectively from the bloodstream, can cause extra skin growth.

A: Skin tags can grow larger up to half an inch only. Some skin tags move around the skin. It can be removed if it causes inconvenience or loss of confidence to the person. However, skin tags are generally harmless and are not a symptom of cancer. It will not grow back after removal.