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Freckles Removal

Sun exposure can cause brown spots on the skin which are known as freckles. In most cases, freckles are not harmful and are formed from the overproduction of melanin, which is responsible for one’s skin and hair colour. Melanocytes are pigment producing cells in our skin and these melanin pigments feed keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are skin cells that shape and outline the external barrier of the skin.


This barrier defends us from the weather and avoids our skin from being sun damaged. But when we are over-exposed to the strong UV rays, the melanocytes are then damaged and hence, we produce freckles. Freckles are thus irregular group of flat, melanin pigmentation in our skin. 

The more time you spent under the sun, the more melanin is produced; thus, more freckles become visible. Unlike moles, these are not raised up from the skin’s surface, and it rather feels smooth.

The more time you spent under the sun, the more melanin is produced; thus, more freckles become visible. Unlike moles, these are not raised up from the skin’s surface, and it rather feels smooth.


Its colour can be lighter or darker, which depends on many factors, such as one’s hair and skin colour. Freckles are mostly visible and obvious on fair-skinned people with red-coloured hair, and they can be found on anyone. 


Also known as ephelis, freckles can run in the family and is linked to the MC1R (Melanocortin-1 Receptor) gene group. If a family member is prone to having freckled skin, it’s more likely that others will be the same, too. 


Nobody is born with freckles, but usually, they come about and develop during childhood, then usually disappear as one gets older. More so, it can also be evident that freckles fade in the cold winter then darkens again in summer, and one needs to know that this is completely normal.


Any spots should be examined thoroughly before they are eradicated as spots could be pre-cancerous lesions. By removing these spots, it would be hard to analyze the lesions, especially if it is partly removed, and so it is important to have the dermatologist look at your freckles.


The Best Care for Freckles

Like any other types of skin, one’s freckled skin needs a proper skincare routine that will give the skin what it needs. One simple method to diminish skin freckles is to apply fading and remover creams which can lighten the spots. However, it is hard to target the freckles specifically as the creams can lighten the adjacent area to the freckles as well. And as a result, the creams will fade not only the freckles but the surrounding skin too.


Other than that, another way to care for your freckled skin is to stay out of the sun and to cleanse any impurities on your skin properly. Applying moisturizer after being exposed under the sun is also a good way to keep your skin smooth and soft to touch.


Laser Treatment for Freckle Removal

One of the most common clinical treatments for freckles removal is Laser Treatment. Lasers are very efficient in combating freckles because melanin pigments reside on the skin surface and are efficient in absorb laser radiation.


A dermatologist recommends a specific treatment for your skincare needs; however, there are two types of laser treatments, namely ablative lasers, which causes the skin to heal and restructure, and non-ablative lasers, which also stimulates collagen production using heat.


For laser facial, there is no age limit, as suitable candidates depend largely on an individual’s skin condition instead of age. In Singapore, preparation procedures and thorough consultations with the doctor is a must for both parties to set expectations. It is also essential to perform a physical exam and medical history review to ensure good candidates for treatment.


Procedures vary from one facility to another, but a list of reputable clinics in Singapore offer the best laser treatments based on skin needs.

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