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There are many anti-aging skin care products these days to counter age spots. In spite of the rage for anti-aging skin care, many have mistaken facts in regards to age spots. First and foremost, age spots are not the result of aging but by the exposure of UV sunlight. Age spots are also known as ‘liver spots’ but they are not related to the liver as some may misinterpret.


The accurate name for age spots is ‘solar lentigo’ and it means spots caused by sunlight. Basically, age spots are large freckles and can emerge anywhere on the face, arms, hands, feet and back. Fair-skinned people are more apt to this skin condition. In general, people have frequently misunderstood that age spots is only a beauty problem not knowing that age spots can bring about dryness, rough skin and thinning of the skin which can lead to bruising.

Age spot treatments can be performed by a dermatologist who will determine the appropriate method after taking into account the location, skin and amount of age spots which need to be treated. They include simple face cream application to Cryotherapy to freeze off the age spots. There are also lasers and tretinoin to eliminate age spots and all these are done with prescription. Over-the-counter creams may work but are not entirely dependable as they are less effective than creams given by your dermatologist.


Age spots can be prevented by reducing your exposure to sunlight. Another effective method would be to use sunscreens, e.g. face and hand cream which contain SPF 15 are currently popular in the market. This can prevent direct UV lights to penetrate the skin and having age spots at noticeable parts of your body such as the face, arms and hands.

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Essential Things to Know About Breast Augmentation in Singapore

Have you been seriously considering undergoing a breast augmentation procedure here in Singapore? Here are the things you need to know and consider before jumping into it.

Why Women Resort to Body Enhancement Procedures?

Women around the world are trying to vie for different standards of beauty and image. And in this aspect, many are considering undergoing procedures to enhance their present features. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is breast augmentation.

Many say it’s all for vanity. Well, we cannot understate the fact that beauty is one crucial thing for women of all ages. Some say it is one of the attributes of sexuality and procreation. Women try to be as pleasing to the eyes of men so they can come together and populate! While it may sound ridiculous, but having this innate sense of what looking beautiful and attractive is something that women are striving to achieve.

No wonder that body enhancement procedures like breast augmentation in Singapore are widely popular. Its effects don’t only cater to aesthetics, but to some, it could be life-changing. The self-esteem and confidence you gain from it are incomparable to your investment.

Defining Breast Augmentation

Being an invasive cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation in Singapore and other countries involves surgery of the breasts and adding fillers to your chest to boost its size or shape. It usually focuses on giving more volume to your breasts and make it look more asymmetrical, thus more pleasing to look at in proportion to your body.

Surgeons use implants made of materials that are as natural as possible to lessen the risk. However, it must be sturdy enough to hold its shape longer as it is challenging to “repair” when it ruptures. As time goes by, surgeons are using more advanced techniques and technologies to perform breast augmentation and other body enhancement procedures. They also use safer materials and more fluid ones, so it looks and feels more natural for the user.

How Do the Types of Breast Augmentation Implants Differ?

The procedure is almost the same for any breast implants; it is an outpatient surgery and would need an hour or so to complete. The difference lies in the implant material.

At present, breast surgeons use either Saline or Silicone. The former uses saline (sterile water and salt solution) injected in a silicone shell. It is a safer option as it uses more natural materials so you wouldn’t have to worry about ruptures or accidents. The latter uses medical-grade silicone gel that has a more natural look and feels for the user. It is also easier to adjust the shape and size of the implant.

There is also a new breast augmentation technology called the Gummy Bear. These breast implants look like teardrops, which mimics the breast more realistically, thus, more natural-looking.

Aside from the material, you who is considering breast augmentation should also take a look at your budget. In Singapore, breast augmentation procedures roughly could cost you anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000. You should also prepare yourself shelling more for medicines for pain, or some after-maintenance scans and adjustments after a while. Consider also the possibility of having “accidents” along the way that might need you to revisit your surgeon.

How Can We Help You?

We can adequately guide you with all the facts surrounding breast augmentation in Singapore. Aside from being transparent about the whole procedure and being there to take care of you even after the process, we can help you prepare for this life-changing event in your life. Let’s start your journey in reaching your beauty goals with a free consultation today.

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