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Acne Treatment & Pimple Scar Removal

Acne is to describe pimples and blocked up pores which are also known as blackheads and whiteheads. They can appear on the face and the upper part of the body. Though it affects mostly teenagers, this ailment can happen to adults from their 20s to their 40s. Acne is a worrisome disease although it does not pose danger in your life. It can disfigure your face if you have serious cases of acne which then leads to probable permanent scarring. 


Nearly every individual gets an acne problem be it whitehead or pimple in any case. Over-the-counter medications are easily available in treating the less severe problems. However, acne can be serious and in these cases, over-the-counter products do not help. Acne can start at any age, from the age of ten or even in the twenties and it affects both men and women likewise. In spite of this, young men are more apt to get severe forms of acne compared to young women. On the other hand, young women get irregular acne due to their menstrual cycle and cosmetics products.


Mild cases of acne can be managed at home with home-care treatment such as cleansing, washing and applying over-the-counter acne product that includes benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These can treat minor cases such as small lesions of blackheads and whiteheads that occur at the surface of the skin. The earlier curing of acne, the less complications it will have.

If one encounters moderately severe acne, it is best to have it treated quickly before it develops into scars. Acne scars can be formed as a thickened tissue or develop into pock marks. Therefore, early and consistent treatment on acne is the best way to avoid scars from forming. If the acne is there already, it is best to leave it untouched no matter how itchy it becomes. The skin that covers the acne is super sensitive, application of medications should be gently done.

Acne can be treated using physical methods or medications prescribed by a dermatologist in accordance with the seriousness of the problem. Some methods include drainage and surgical removal, oral antibiotics, oral contraceptives and isotretinoin. Derma clinics in Singapore offers advanced technologies to remove acne scars. Thus, providing a clear and smooth skin to patients.


Those who have severe acne require an insistent treatment course of therapy treated by a dermatologist. The result of severe acne is disfigurement on the skin and years of treatment is needed to heal the scars. However, one should not despair as nearly every case of acne can be treated successfully. With the help of technological advancements in science, acne and acne scars can be removed less painfully. The accuracy of bringing back the old glow of the skin is better than before.


Choosing the best dermatologist might be expensive. But it will save people some time and effort to have their acne disappear. 

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