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Blackheads and Whiteheads and Ways to Treat Them

Every single one of us has suffered at least during one period in their life from blackheads and whiteheads. Although they are both really frustrating, especially with their stubbornness when you try to treat them, in their essence they are really different and respond to different treatments. The key to the successful removal of blackheads and whiteheads is rooted is hidden in understanding their nature and corresponding with a well-planned appropriate attack. So let’s try to explain what blackheads and whiteheads are and how to treat them effectively.


Perhaps not everybody has heard the term ‘comedones’ – the medical word for blackheads. In short, a blackhead, known also as an open comedo is a large skin opening. The black colour, hence the name blackheads, comes from the skin debris, which covers the opening. Despite the name, however, on some occasions, blackheads tend to have a yellowish color – do not get tricked by their name.

There are various reasons for blackheads to ‘pop up’ – certain types of skin (oily, combination), environmental pollution, use of too much make up or cosmetics being one of them. Well, why should we try to take care of them? Most sources are united in their opinion on this question – although they may stay on the skin and have no development with years, blackhead will usually turn into acne.


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