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5 More Natural Ways for Plumper, Tighter Skin

Losing weight and transforming your body from fat to fit is one of the most incredible things a human being can do. Unfortunately, some people have lost so much weight that they are left with excess skin. Removing the loose skin from your arms, legs, or stomach through surgery is by the most effective way to shed that leftover skin. Surgery is expensive, invasive, and requires weeks of recovery, meaning that it is not for everyone. For people seeking a non-surgical alternative, there are a number of ways a once-overweight individual can tighten their skin naturally.

Stay Hydrated by Drinking Water

Not only will drinking plenty of water give your skin a more youthful appearance, increasing your water intake is a great way to tighten your skin naturally. Replacing sugary drinks with water goes a long way in eliminating much of the bloating that continues to stretch your stomach skin even after you have lost weight in that region. Dietary experts suggest drinking anywhere from 6 to 10 glasses of water a day will flush your stomach of the sugars and toxins that are keeping you bloated.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Any all-natural skin tightening regimen would be incomplete without moisturizing cream. This is because moisturizing creams encourage collagen growth. Collagen is the substance in your skin responsible for creating elastin, which keeps your skin smooth, supple, and tight. Collagen also contributes in creating new skin cells, too. Using a moisturizing cream on your stomach, arms, or legs throughout the day is a great way to promote the growth of fresh, healthy skin cells.

Another all-natural moisturizer that is popular for people looking to tighten their skin on a budget is coconut oil. Coconut oil is chock full of Vitamin E, the nutrient that is responsible for collagen production. Coconut oil also has several anti-bacterial properties that will keep your skin healthy as well.

Limit Your Exposure to Harmful UV Rays

Having too much fun in the sun will prematurely age your skin. Excess sun exposure will also decrease your skin’s natural elasticity. Drying your skin out in artificial tanning beds is another way to damage your skin’s elasticity, as well as to decrease your skin’s collagen levels. Tanning beds and sun bathing also increase the likelihood that you will develop dry skin. Staying out of the sun, then, helps to keep your skin firm and supple.

Hit the Gym Often

One of the most effective all-natural skin tightening methods is weight training and resistance training. Training regularly with weights creates muscle underneath the skin. Skin that is sagging or loose will tighten against this new layer of muscle.
Patience is a Virtue

Remember, it took you several years to get to your highest weight. It will take time for your body’s loose, sagging skin to adapt to your new frame after you have shed some pounds.

Another factor to consider for those interested in natural skin tightening is your age. The elasticity of your skin begins to deteriorate as you age. The older you are, the longer it will take for your skin to tighten.

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