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Dermatologist Singapore is an independent skin care information website for the savvy consumer. Here, you can learn about common skin problems and how to deal with them – from removing frown lines to treating sweaty underarms to correcting uneven skin tones and managing stubborn cellulite.


You can also browse the variety of skin treatments available in Singapore, including the procedures and possible side-effects. Once you’ve armed yourself with the necessary information, simply visit our exhaustive directory of Singapore dermatologists and make an appointment.

What is a dermatologist?

A Dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in the study of skin and the treatment of skin diseases. To qualify as a Dermatologist in Singapore, the doctor must have obtained a post-graduate degree in general medicine, undergone a dermatology program in a recognized institute and certified by the Ministry of Health.

With face coverings mandatory just about everywhere, more people are searching for dermatologist Singapore than ever. The irritation of masks against the skin as well as the potential build-up of dirt and oil is causing skin problems for many. Though you may fully understand the need to wear face masks during the pandemic, you might be worrying that it’s negatively affecting your skin. You’re not alone.

Skin problems are a common but uncomfortable problem. If not dealt with early, they can become even more difficult to overcome. You may have thought you’d finally overcome yours but now you wear a face covering, it’s flaring up again. If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry! There are steps you can take to restore soft, smooth, pimple-free skin.

Try Different Masks

Don’t write off all masks just because one is causing problems. You’re probably not used to face coverings so it may take time to get one that works for you. Most masks are one-size-fits-all despite the fact that human face shapes and sizes vary enormously. If a mask is too tight, then this is likely the cause of irritation. A loose mask will also rub, damaging the skin. Shop around for a mask that fits snugly and comfortably to see if this helps.

You’ll also want to consider the material. A high-quality cotton mask usually causes the least irritation. If you think your skin acne is caused by sweat build-up then you should look for a lighter material. Silk is also great for keeping your skin cool which may help you to avoid skin problems. There’s no perfect material for everybody. Try different products out and see what works best.

Ditch the Make-Up

For many people, putting on make-up before you leave the house is just part of the routine. You may be lucky enough that make-up doesn’t cause you any skin problems. When putting on a face mask, however, this could change. Your skin isn’t able to breathe, with the mask pushing the make-up deeper into your pores. This can clog them up and prevent their ability to stop oil from building up. This can very quickly cause an outbreak of skin problems.

Before you see a skin specialist Singapore, try going out without make-up. You may have to do your make-up at work rather than before you leave but you’ll hopefully see an improvement in skin quality. A bit of eye liner is still fine but try not to put any foundation on your cheeks or chin. For many women, this could be the only way to avoid skin problems while wearing a mask.

Wear Clean Masks Every Time

Single-use masks can be annoying, expensive, and less-than eco-friendly. For this reason, it’s possible you’ve chosen to opt for a reusable face mask. This is fine but many people will use the same one without washing it between uses. Not only does this risk the virus spreading even more but it could cause acne or a skin rash.

Every time you take a mask off, you should put a clean one on. This ensures that you always have clean fabric pressed up against your skin. If you happen to be wearing the same mask for four hours, such as on a long train journey, then you should also replace it with a fresh one. Buy plenty of masks and put them on a hot wash after each use. Not only will any viruses be killed but you’ll avoid dirt getting into your pores and causing skin problems.

Take More Breaks

If you’ve been wearing masks for a while now, then it’s probably become something of a habit. You simply pop a mask on when you leave the house and leave it there pretty much all day long. Even if you’re in a place where wearing a mask isn’t mandatory or necessary, you might just forget to take it off. The sheer length of time for which you’re wearing a mask may be the main reason for skin irritation.

Try to actively take more breaks. 15 minutes every couple of hours is a good target to aim for. This just lets your skin breathe again and avoids the potential harm caused by masks. In this time, you can give your skin a wash and moisturize. This will help to offset the effects of any time spent wearing the mask.

Cleanse and Moisturize More Often

You might already have a great skincare routine, with plenty of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. This is perfect in more normal times but you might now want to start running through your skincare routine more often. If possible, cleanse and moisturize your face just before putting a mask on. Do the same again immediately after taking it off. This should help to remove dirt, unplug pores, and restore healthy-looking skin.

Wearing a mask has become an essential component of living a healthy life. However, many are seeking dermatologists Singapore after realizing that their skin was actually getting worse. There could be many reasons for why this happens. Maybe it’s the fit or material of the mask. It could be that the mask is dirty or affecting your make-up. The exact cause of irritated, pimply, and dry skin will be different for every person. That’s why you need to try different options for yourself and see what works best.

The advice above should help you to mitigate any problems caused by face masks. However, there could be other causes. Search for skin specialist Singapore and talk through everything you’ve tried. They may be able to suggest a solution which hasn’t crossed your mind. For most people, wearing a mask is a new experience. It will therefore take a while to get your head around mask habits and which masks are best for your face. Over time, you should begin to figure it out. Until then, try the methods suggested on this list. The odds are that one is highly effective in keeping your skin glowing, even while it’s covered by a mask.