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In Asia, women desire to have fair skin and deem flawless and light skin tones as the ideal beauty. However, women find problems in achieving this perfect skin because skin discoloration happens more often not. Skin color depends on melanin and the more melanin substance there is, the darker the skin color. Melanin’s production depends on sunlight and this darkens skin.

High pigmentation such as moles and birthmarks can be de-pigmented to tone with the surrounding skin. People who have vitiligo too can achieve an even skin tone by lightening the unaffected skin. There is also anal and genital bleaching to diminish dark pigmentation in the genital areas.

Skin-lightening treatments in general can block and decrease melanin production while aiming at slowing down tyrosinase. It is necessary to use several methods to achieve fair skin such as sunscreen, topical lotions and retinoid. For those whose skins do not react to these treatments, one can opt for chemical peels, lasers and exfoliants to lighten their skin.

Sunscreen is a popular method today as they can protect skin from UV rays and defend the skin from damaging. Sunscreens too can lighten the skin if they have higher SPFs which contain the ingredients to not only protect the skin but also to make one’s skin fair. Hydroquinone is a topical which can be safely used and is effective and cheaper than laser treatments. Hydroquinone is proven to be a powerful ingredient against sun-induced melasma.

One needs to understand that skin lightening involves three simple processes. Firstly, skin should be exfoliated to remove the dead cells while revealing a whiter and smoother skin underneath. Exfoliation can be done with microdermabrasion, lasers and even chemical peels.

Secondly, hydroquinone is used to stop melanin’s production and this can prevent the new layer of skin to have dark pigment. In addition, this process also causes the new skin to be fairer.

Finally, skin bleaching is done to protect the new layer of skin from damaging in future. The new skin generally is even in color and pigmentation and only becomes darker because of oxidation. Skin whitening lotions that has antioxidants benefits the skin while protecting the skin from the sunrays.

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