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Nail Problems

Nails are always an indicator of our health and they show early symptoms of any diseases that we may have. Nail thickness, concavity of the nails and pitted nails are some of the signs one often look out for to identify our health problems. Traditionally, nails can be treated with oral medication or by applying topical creams but sometimes there may be cases whereby partial or the entire nail need to be removed. Any color changes or infections of the nail should quickly be examined to know the cause and find methods to treat it.

A very common nail ailment would be white spots that are caused by small ordeals such as being thumped or hit. This happens to those who use their hands a lot during work and people get white spots time and again. But white spots also run in the family and for this disorder, no treatment is needed.

Finger Nail White Spot

Pitting of the nails too can be run in the family or can be caused by trauma. Even certain diseases such as psoriasis, arthritis and eczema can be origins of pitting of nails. The best way to treat this type of nail problem is to cure the health condition although removing the pitting can help at times.

Nail thickening are caused from fungal infections and skin conditions and hence, once these health issues are solved, the nail generally turns back to normal although it is not warranted. However, traumas and aging may also initiate nail thickening as well.


There is another ailment whereby the nail separates itself from the nail bed and this condition is caused by psoriasis or frequent contact with detergents. Sometimes when nails are caught onto something, this will accidentally cause the nail to be disconnected from the nail bed. Keyboard typing over a period of time may also set off such nail separation.

Vertical splits on the other hand are caused when one ages or when one's hands are in water for a long period of time. The nails when soaked into water make nails softer and produce vertical splits that can extend all the way to the cuticle. To keep nails strong, one should consume a healthy diet full of iron and zinc or treat the nails to almond oil massages to protect the nails.

Finger Nail Vertical Splitting

Sometimes there are black nails which are caused from trauma such as jamming or hammering of a nail or toe. These bruises cause the nails to be black in color and they will go away in time. But at times, the nail will fall off because of the acute damage but it will grow back in time.

Black Toe Nail

Caring For Your Nails

Nails should have a proper routine to keep its hygiene and the usual cycle would be to clean and dry our hands and toes. For toe-nails, shoes should be of the correct size and good materials that allow the feet to breathe. Shoes and socks should be washed and changed frequently and pedicure tools should be disinfected. As for fingernails, one should not pick and bite their nails but to have proper manicure and file the edges smoothly. The nails should be protected with rubber gloves when in contact with detergent and water for a long period of time. Overall, a good diet of iron and zinc is important to keep fingernails and toe nails strong.However in some cases, surgical treatments are needed and removal of the infected nail should be done to apply antifungal topical cream. If the nail is removed, it will eradicate pain from the fungal infection and deformed nails will not be shaped.

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