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Dark Eye Circle Treatment

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Dark circles (also known as dark eye circles, dark eye rings, eyebags and raccoon attack) are the dark blemishes that appear under the eye caused by lack of sleep or it could be hereditary and just merely bruising. However, dark circles make one appear stressed, unwell, glum, exhausted and older.

Dark eye circles happen when the tiny red blood cells around the eyes sometimes go astray to the nearby skin. Our body has a system to deal with this whereby our enzymes will break down the red blood cells, including the hemoglobin. The left-over elements will then turn into a bluish and blackish color which looks like a bruise. This then lead to the eye bags which are in fact instigated by capillaries.

Dark Eye Ring Treatment


Dark eye circles are in fact blood vessels that are visible, as the skin surrounding the eyes is the thinnest skin in the body. People with fairer skin complexions tend to show more prominent dark eye rings. Pregnant and menstruating women also experience paler skin and they are more likely to get eyes bags than others.

There are various options to treat dark eye circles - from home remedies to commercial skin care products and clinical treatments by a dermatologist. Home remedies are not as effective as over-the-counter creams, and although cheaper, one should not expect wonderful results. One easy and free DIY method is to simply massage the area around the eyes before sleeping.

As for clinical treatments, there is laser surgery, face lifts, derma fillers and dermabrasion.

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Possible Dark Eye Circle Treatments include Laser Surgery and Microdermabrasion.
Please consult a Skin Specialist for more information.