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How to Reduce Anxiety Prior to Your First Botox Appointment

How to Reduce Anxiety Prior to Your First Botox Appointment Posted on 15/05/2016


A patient’s first experience with Botox fillers often causes a bit of anxiety. In most cases, this is because patients do not know what to expect or how to best prepare for the experience. By following a few simple guidelines, people can reduce the amount of anxiety they feel before and after the procedure.

Why a Consultation at Your Botox Clinic is a Good Idea

A consultation with your doctor or aesthetician is always an excellent idea if you are considering Botox. A 15 to 30 minute consultation provides an excellent opportunity to ask specific questions about Botox and to share any concerns that you may have about the procedure. A consultation is a particularly good idea for patients who tend to experience a high degree of anxiety before undergoing a new procedure.

Preparing for Your First Appointment

Your first Botox administration will require surprisingly little preparation. There is not anything special that you need to do to get ready to receive your first Botox administration. As with the case of any medical appointment, it is a good idea to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Botox injections are typically completed in a matter of minutes depending upon the areas of the face that you wish to have treated.

What to Expect when You Enter the Procedure Room

In most cases, Botox administration takes place in a procedure room. Patients typically sit upright in a special procedure chair that resembles a dental chair. Your doctor or aesthetician may ask you to smile, raise your eyebrows or move the muscles in your face to better see the depth of the lines on your face that you wish to have treated. Sometimes your Botox administrator may use a pencil to mark a few marks on your face as a location guide for the injections. These marks can be easily wiped off after the procedure.

Preparing for the Actual Botox Administration

After your face has been analyzed, it is time for the actual injections. Your doctor or aesthetician will put on a set of medical gloves and will typically apply ice to your specific injection sites. The application of ice is designed to numb your skin and muscles and to reduce the pain of the injections. Depending upon the number of areas that you wish to have treated, the actual administration of Botox may only take a few minutes.

What to Expect Immediately After the Procedure

After your injections have been completed, you may experience a bit of redness or slight bleeding in the immediate area around your injection sites. This is a common occurrence and the redness and bleeding typically ceases after a minute or two. You can resume your regular activities right away with a few exceptions that will be outlined by your Botox provider. For instance, you will likely be advised to refrain from sleeping or jogging right after the procedures. You will also be provided with instructions regarding what to do in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction.

How Botox in Singapore Can Benefit You

The benefits of Botox will not be immediate but they are typically impressive. Within a matter of days, most patients notice a significant decrease in the depth of the lines present on your face. In addition to this noticeable benefit, patients often experience an enhanced level of confidence because they feel better about their appearance. It is the combination of these two benefits that typically prompts patients to return every few months for another series of injections.