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What You Should Know About Facial Contouring Using V-Shape Face Treatments

What You Should Know About Facial Contouring Using V-Shape Face Treatments Posted on 01/10/2016


If you are looking for a facial contouring procedure that’s effective, you should consider undergoing a V-shape facial treatment. This procedure got its name from the fact that its main objective is to create a V-shaped face for the client. This can be done in two major ways: either through surgery which fixes the jaw or through non-surgical techniques that utilize technologies such as focused radio frequencies and lasers.


How Does The Procedure Work?

When it comes to facial contouring that involves jaw surgery, the doctor would excise parts of the bone in your jaw. Needless to say, this is more complicated since you will have to undergo X-rays and consultations prior to the surgery. It will also take time for you to recover from the procedure. The biggest benefit of surgical facial contouring is that the results are permanent. As long as the bone was excised properly, the shape of your jawline and chin will remain almost the same for the rest of your life.


Non-Surgical Facial Contouring Techniques Using Lasers And Radio Frequencies

These techniques are much simpler but you usually have to go through a series of treatments before you’ll be able to see significant results. Radio frequencies and lasers will be applied on different parts in your face wherein there’s an accumulation of unwanted fat and wrinkles. In some instances, botox will be injected into your face to help in giving your face a more elongated look. These injections are usually done on the low portions of your chin just below the jawline. Botox will also be injected on the side of your face if necessary. All of these are done to enhance the V-shape of your face.


When Can You See The Results?

wm-470x353On average, you will be able to see the results of the V shape face treatments after two weeks. This is if what was used were lasers and radio frequency-emitting devices. The progression of the enhancement is gradual so you won’t see them immediately. If you went through surgery or botox injections, you should be able to see the results within a week unless there have been complications.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Just like most forms of facial treatments, there’s always the risk for side effects. However, when it comes to facial contouring using lasers, injections, or surgeries, there are very little side effects. The procedures are very safe. Mild bruising and swelling may occur but these always go away within a couple of days.


In conclusion, facial contouring is a procedure you should seriously consider if you want to enhance the V-shape of your face. The procedures are safe and you can see the immediate results within a few weeks. You have the option to choose from surgical facial contouring or non-surgical alternatives like lasers treatments and botox injections.