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The First Timer’s Guide to Aftershave Balms, Tonics, Gels, and Lotions

The First Timer’s Guide to Aftershave Balms, Tonics, Gels, and Lotions Posted on 25/09/2016


“Shaving your facial hair is not removing hair, but removing the skin’s natural protection.” This is according to Dr. Terrence Keaney, director of Washington Institute of Laser Surgery dermatology clinic. Once the skin’s natural protection and moisture go away, it is left unprotected and becomes prone to irritation and infection. If you regularly experience irritation after shaving your facial hair, the best solution that you can give yourself is to get the best aftershave that will keep your skin fresh and smooth for a long time.

Aftershave products come in different types. It can be a lotion, a balm, a tonic or a gel. If this is your first time buying an aftershave product online, you need to learn the difference between these types. This way, you will learn the exact situation where you need to use it. You will also know whether you need to have just one type of aftershave or several ones based on your varying needs. Here are the noticeable differences:

  • Lotion.

Aftershave lotion is the perfect solution if you have normal to oily skin. Apply aftershave lotion if you are getting a nice shave with absolutely no complications or if there is just a little redness in the area where the razor touched.

  • Tonic.

Aftershave tonic is created for men who experience stinging nicks and cuts when shaving. Tonics are based on antiseptics such as witch hazel and alcohol, thus preventing infection. If you have sensitive or dry and flaky skin, you definitely have to avoid using alcohol-based tonics and instead use witch hazel, which is gentler. Just make sure that you follow up with a moisturizing product because tonics have very little moisturizing components.


  • Balm.

Aftershave balm is best for guys with dry skin that are very susceptible to nicks and cuts. Balms have lubricating elements and sticks on the surface of the skin, which is very essential post-shave when it is in dire need of soothing and protective components. However, they’re thickest and heaviest on the oils, as compared to other aftershave products. This means it won’t give your skin much time to breathe. If you have acne or other skin problems, don’t use an aftershave balm, because it can block sweat, which can aggravate your acne. If you plan to buy after shave balm online, look for one that contains Shea butter and Vitamin E. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that will help in healing nicks, while Vitamin E will nourish your skin.

  • Gel.

Aftershave gels can clean and moisturize normal to oily skin type. They’re ideal at soothing post-shave burning sensation. Also, because the skin absorbs gels fast, they are the best choice for people who live in countries with humid climates.


Now that you know the major differences between lotion, tonic, balm, and gel, you can now use one or more of them properly according to your needs and skin condition. Aftershave helps protect your skin against infection and irritation, but make sure you understand the ingredients used in your aftershave of choice to prevent being exposed to chemicals that might lead to other skin issues.