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Are You Balding In Your 20s? 5 Common Causes Of Premature Baldness In Men

Are You Balding In Your 20s? 5 Common Causes Of Premature Baldness In Men Posted on 16/12/2016

If you’re a young man in your 20s or early 30s, seeing the occurrence of baldness could be alarming. Compared to Singaporean men from the previous generation who started experiencing male pattern baldness in their 40s or 50s, more young millennial men in the republic are going bald much earlier. Find out the five common causes of premature baldness:

  1. Stress – Stress can lead to the occurrence of oxidation which harms your scalp’s ability for energy production. Your hair follicle requires energy in order to grow, so being under stress could get in the way of hair growth.feeling-stress-causing-hair-loss-and-consider-to-look-for-hair-loss-treatment
  2. Excessive smoking and drinking – Inhaling carbon monoxide would prevent the blood from supplying key nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles. What’s more, nicotine has the ability to narrow your blood vessels, which stalls the growth of fresh hair. Meanwhile, alcohol impedes zinc absorption by sucking the iron supply in your body. This will eventually lead to dehydration, which then stops your body from getting vital nutrients needed for hair growth, as well as healthy and shiny hair.
  3. Excessive hair coloring and styling – Unlike men from previous generations, modern millennial men tend to color and style their hair more. However, excessive hair coloring and styling could lead to hair loss, due to the chemicals and heat used in the process. This leads to the weakening of the hair and also breakage.excessive-hair-coloring-and-styling-may-cause-hair-loss-and-needed-for-treatment
  4. Poor nutrition – Having sufficient protein in your diet is vital for hair growth and rebuilding cells. A low protein diet will deprive your hair. Improve your scalp’s ability in energy production by eating meat, fish, whole grains, walnuts, tofu, almonds, and spinach. You can also drink green tea to block out DHT, the hair loss-causing hormone.
  5. Genetics – If there’s baldness in your family history, you’re more likely to inherit male pattern baldness. In this case, doctors will perform an exam and medical history to diagnose disorders that may have caused your hair loss. Some of the treatments in this case include hair transplants, oral medication, or topical medication.genetic-hair-loss-look-for-hair-loss-treatment-package

Don’t wait until it’s too late to naturally grow your hair back. You can start looking for a hair loss treatment in Singapore as soon as you can, and/or once you start seeing baldness. In addition to undergoing a hair loss treatment, remember to lead a healthier lifestyle by eating a well-balanced and proper diet, avoiding stress by doing meditation or talking to others, and quitting bad habits that lead to hair loss.