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Amazing Anti-Aging Products for Asian Women

Amazing Anti-Aging Products for Asian Women Posted on 02/06/2016


Asian women know how to look young regardless of age. What are their beauty secrets? Besides clear, firm and unblemished skin, Asian women seem immune to wrinkles, and many look at least ten years younger than they actually are. We did some research and discovered a few hot new items on the beauty scene that Asian women seem to love. Perhaps the rest of us should take a peek as well.
1. Clean Skin Is Clear Skin 

Asian women know that cleansing the skin every day is an essential part of good skin health. Going to sleep in makeup is taboo; cosmetics can clog your pores while you sleep. Clogged pores lead to blackheads, blemishes, patchy red spots and chronic skin inflammation. Asian women keep their skin clear by keeping it clean.
2. Gentle Cleansers Are The Best Cleansers 

Asian women avoid rough and harsh facial cleansers that are loaded with chemicals, alcohol, additives, preservatives and other questionable ingredients. Harsh facial cleansers can dry out the skin and cause irritation. A gentle and organic facial cleanser that contains botanicals, flower extracts or herbs is good for the skin, and it removes dirt, pollution, toxins and bacteria in the bargain. A natural skin cleanser will keep your face squeaky clean without stripping away the natural oils that keep skin supple.
3. Keep Your Skin Young WithClarins Anti-Aging Serum

During sleep, your body repairs itself and recovers from the stresses of the day. When you apply an anti-aging serum before bedtime, it aids with skin rejuvenation. This, in turn, keeps your skin looking young. The non-greasy, water-based formula is favored by Asian women of all ages. A multitasking serum, it firms skin, evens skin tone, shrinks pores and reduces wrinkles with daily use. In 2013, Clarins Anti-Aging Serum was heralded as a bestseller. A study of almost 200 women using this product showed that 80-90 percent saw smaller pores, a reduction in wrinkles and firmer skin within four weeks.
4. Replace That Harsh Exfoliant With A Gentle Rice Powder Exfoliant 

Rice powder is a cleanser favored by Asian women because it removes grit, helps to maintain an even skin tone and leaves your face feeling smooth and soft. After mixing it with water, rice powder makes an excellent facial cleanser. Thanks to the exfoliating properties of rice, it can give your complexion a fresh and polished glow in less than two minutes.

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5. Moisturize And Brighten With Emulsion From Clarins


White Plus Hydrating Emulsion from Clarinshydrates the complexion and makes it glow. This innovative, non-greasy and lightweight formula moisturizes the skin and protects it from UV rays and brown spots. After applying Emulsion, your skin will look radiant, feel like velvet, and provide an excellent base on which to apply makeup.

Supple, firm and smooth skin appears to be something that Asian women are born with and never lose. When it comes to looking forever young, Asian women have a lot to teach us about health and beauty.