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6 natural remedies to combat skin pigmentation

6 natural remedies to combat skin pigmentation Posted on 05/12/2017


Everyone wants a youthful glowing skin devoid of any blemishes and spots. Skin pigmentation is a condition undesirable to many and can come in different forms. These include birthmarks we are born with or conditions we can develop later in life. In this article, we will look at the common causes of skin discolouration and how to avoid or treat them in order to retain that smooth skin you desire.


Common Causes of Skin Discolouration

Sun exposure – citizens of Singapore often suffer from solar Lentigo. This condition results from unprotected exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation (UV). The cumulative effects of UV exposure cause molecular damage of the skin resulting in the formation of unwanted and uneven pigment. Continuous accumulation of dark pigment gradually leads to the appearance of dark blotchy facial spots, freckles and an uneven skin tone.

Ageing – as one gets older, chances of having Lentigines (liver or age spots) tend to increase due to the reduction in immunity and repeated sun exposure. Though ageing is an inevitable natural process, you can stop the pigmentation which ageing may bring.

Genetic Inheritance – continuous exposure to the intense sun can cause genetic mutations which can be passed on to future offspring. However, this doesn’t apply in all cases.


Natural Remedies for Combating Skin Pigmentation:


Lemons are high in vitamin C and can naturally bleach dark spots and even out skin tone.

Method: Slice up a lemon and dab it on your face daily. Additionally, you can also make yourself a purifying and moisturizing DIY facial with lemon and honey.

Aloe Vera

It reduces pigmentation marks. Aloe vera is nature’s best skin remedy for almost all skin


These are excellent at treating almost all pigmentation-related issues such as Melasma and dark circles.

Method: Grate a raw potato into a bowl and squeeze out the juice. Apply this juice onto your face and leave on for half an hour. For best results, do this regularly and you will see pigmentation marks fading.


Cucumber’s anti-inflammatory and mild bleaching properties are a great remedy for pigmentation as well as puffy and dark-circled eyes.

Method: Slice a cool cucumber and lay the slices all over your face and take a nap — you will wake up rejuvenated for sure.


It contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxyl acid that helps with lightening pigmentation marks. Honey is also mildly acidic and possesses antibacterial properties that cleanse and moisturize the skin.


It is low in sugar and high in fibre which is also perfect diet food. It is also pretty yummy!! Moreover, it’s good for the skin. Papaya is actually an age-old remedy used in Balinese spas to soothe sunburn and exfoliate the skin.

If any of your parents experienced pigmentation and other skin disorders, then you need to actively delay their occurrence by wearing UV rays protection or staying away from the intense sun. In Singapore, that is practically 365 days a year.

If you are looking for a skin pigmentation treatment and want to try something more than the natural remedies listed above, there are other techniques available such as laser-induced depigmentation, peeling for lightening of the skin, and other measures. When administered by a professional and experienced dermatologist, they can help improve or even completely eradicate skin pigmentation. Be sure to see one as soon as you notice signs of pigmentation.