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5 Unusual Tips for Men’s Weight Loss

5 Unusual Tips for Men’s Weight Loss Posted on 03/06/2016


For many people, weight loss is an ongoing struggle. Even the best weight loss diet can fail with time. Whether you are using diet and exercise or diet pills in Singapore, these surprising tips can make your diet that much more effective.

1. Try Caffeine
Adding a cup of coffee or tea to your morning and evening routine can give your diet the boost it needs. A small amount of caffeine is a great appetite suppressant. As an added bonus, it can give you the boost you need to get through a more strenuous workout. Just make sure you’re using black tea or coffee, as adding sugar and milk can add calories fast.

2. Cut Out Sugary Drinks
While tea and coffee can improve your chances with weight loss, other drinks can undercut your hard work. You can significantly decrease the calories you consume every day by eliminating things like soda, juice and beer. It’s a less strenuous change that can yield great results.

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3. Shrink Your Stomach
Your stomach changes sized based on the amount you eat each day. Shrinking your stomach will help you feel full sooner and aid you in your dieting. You can do this through a short period of fasting or by replacing breakfast or lunch with a protein shake for about a week.

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4. Use Your Phone
There are plenty of apps available to help you in your weight management. Some help you track calories and exercise goals. Others will tell you the number of steps you’ve taken in a day. For the more extreme dieter, you can even get an electronic bracelet that will deliver a buzz each time you fail to meet your goals.

You can even place wagers on your own fitness progress online. A variety of websites offer deals where you can bet you will reach certain weight loss goals within a set about of time. For many people, this small added financial pressure challenges them to do better. For an added challenge in a similar vein, try signing up for a marathon or obstacle course run. The financial commitment will help you stay motivated, as will the larger goal

5. Exercise at Work
If you have an office job, it can be hard to get your exercise in each day. Try getting a standing desk to stretch your legs and engage your muscles. You can also bring light dumbbells or ankle weights to get an added bonus out of each movement.


For an added bonus, get your office involved in weight loss. A little healthy competition or a few added exercise buddies can increase your accountability and help you make healthy choices. Try starting an office challenge to lose the most weight or spend the most time in the gym.

No matter what your weight loss plan, you can improve it with a few extra steps. Make sure you use all the tools available to reach your health and fitness goals.