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3 Things You Need to Know about Hair Removal with IPL

3 Things You Need to Know about Hair Removal with IPL Posted on 08/11/2016

Man or woman, having hair in the wrong places can be unattractive. Although there are lots of people who advocate letting hair grow where it does, there’s no denying that a larger majority of individuals still feel the need to remove hair when it starts to develop in body parts that would be much better off without it. Aside from aesthetic concerns, hair in the wrong places can also be a hygienic issue, allowing foul odors and bacteria to thrive if left to persist. These days, there are lots of ways that you can remove body hair. But if you want to eliminate having to do it over and over again, you should consider hair removal with intense pulsed light treatment, otherwise known as IPL. This treatment method makes use of a controlled bright light that kills off targeted cells just under the skin’s surface, which are then naturally sloughed off via the skin’s natural physiological process. Thinking about having it done? Be sure you know what you’re getting by reading through these need to know facts.


  1. Greater Contrast Between Skin Tone and Hair Color is Ideal – While anyone can get laser hair removal, there is a greater chance of success if the person has lighter skin and darker hair. The equipment used for the procedure detects the pigment in the hair, and if there’s a greater contrast between the background – your skin – and the hair, then there’s a better chance of the machine picking up the pigment clearly. Hence, it’s better to walk into your appointment if you don’t have a tan and if you’ve been letting your hair grow for a while to give the equipment something to work with.e78a5fa26f23c89dd481b46fd717e4f9
  2. Pre-Treatment Hair Removal Should Be Avoided – As previously mentioned, the equipment used during the treatment detects the pigment of your hair to pinpoint what it needs to remove. When you pull out all the hair in the areas that you want to be addressed, there won’t be anything for the laser to detect. That’s why specialists always tell clients to avoid pre-treatment waxing or plucking to get the best of the procedure. However, do expect to be asked to shave the target areas when you step into the clinic. This brings your hair to a desirable length that will make it easier to detect the pigment and zap them away.832950893
  3. It Takes More Than One Session – If you thought all it would take to remove your body hair was a single appointment, you thought wrong. The truth about hair removal with IPL is that you need to get the treatment more than once. According to experts, it can take up to eight sessions to permanently remove body hair. Hair on your face, on the other hand, can be efficiently addressed in just as little as six sessions. However because all bodies are different, some people might need more or less treatment sessions to get rid of hair for good. Be sure to talk to your service provider before you go through with the process to find out how long they expect your body to respond to the treatment. That’s why, unless you’re told that you’re absolutely done, don’t skip out on any scheduled treatments so you don’t end up putting all your previous sessions to waste.

There’s no need to keep visiting that waxing salon – there are better ways to address your body hair issues. Achieve that smooth, clean, and clear appearance you want by availing your self of a hair removal with IPL session today.