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Rejuvenate Skin with Everyday Light Skincare


Shop online and look gorgeous all the time? For everyday light skincare, this online Singapore store has the skincare products especially designed for the Southeast Asian climate. Diet and environment affect the skin, but a supply line of carefully prepared hydrating emollients for beauty, aids tremendously with dry tired skin.

Clean and moisturize skin with one of the popular Biotherm beauty products available at great prices. Try “AquaSource Eye revitalizer” for those tiny wrinkles around the eyes. These products leave the skin silky smooth solving the problem of cracked dry patches, associated with dry skin. Everyday light skincare nurtures the skin.


  • Improves skins top layer


  • Protection from sun


  • Holds water


  • Conditions


Hada Labo skin plumping gel cream is absorbed into the skin creating a smooth supple surface. The large concentration of hyaluronic acid saturates the skin with moisture. These great beauty items give the skin back the elasticity it loses over time. Erases wrinkles without the use of minerals, dyes or fragrances. Anti-aging and replenishing hydrators

At Kose in Singapore online location shop for dozens of beauty products to make your skin soft and firm. Try the “Infinity line” of products. Starting with serums and lotions, included in this sites great list of beauty treatments is Sekkisei lotions, powder wash and moisturizers. After moisturizing, Kose offers lipsticks, foundations, nail polish and powders to help complete the beauty regimen.

Bioderm has cleansing and moisturizing, Lait Corporel body milk, complete groups of skin hydrating Aquasource normal skin set products. Order Biosource mousse a smooth hydrating mineral that softens and tones the skin. Biosource micellar and foaming water are wonderful cleansers and Biosource lotion is available to protect. For heavier protection Biosource oil is up to the task. When combination skin is a problem, these lotions and oils work fine.

Beauty experts apply deep cleansers and make-up removers to maintain beautiful skin. When shopping online for Biosource products, it is easy to maintain great skin at home. A daily regimen of these hydrating skin products can change the appearance of dry skin. Starved for moisture; elements wear on the skin. Air, heat and time dry out the skin but these products offer a great source of moisturizing.


A moisturizer prevents the skin underneath the outer layer from drying out. The line of hydrating moisturizers displayed on the online site offers customers a wide selection of hydrating options. Whether the serum is for day or night, skin will look wonderful.

Stock your beauty supply shelf with functional creams and lotions and get the skin you have always dreamed about. Whether you need a light moisturizing treatment or heavy oils this online Singapore store has everything needed for lovely skin.


The Anti-Aging Secrets of Modern Asian Women


Asian women are world renowned for maintaining youthful-looking skin well into old age. Genetics plays a minimal role in this phenomenon; other factors like dietary habits, hygiene and cosmetic practices contribute to a healthy, strong epidermis. Here are some anti-aging tips and remedies drawn from everyday practices in east Asia.

Anti Aging Serums 

Anti aging serums are usually water-based gels containing ingredients that bolster your skin’s natural healing abilities to combat wrinkles and dark spots. The most effective serums contain plants native to the eastern hemisphere, so its no wonder that skin care products in Singapore and surrounding Asian countries are among the world’s most sought after.

Tissue or Cloth Masks 

Cloth masks are just starting to catch on in the U.S., but Korean and Japanese women have been using them for decades. These disposable masks are soaked in vitamins and nutrients that stimulate your skin.

Lighten Your Skin with a Mint Mask 

Grinding fresh mint leaves into a paste and applying it to the face has long been a handy homemade treatment for acne scars. Of course, now you can just buy mint masks in a tube to save you the trouble.

Diversify Your Diet 

Seaweed, green tea, ginger and wolf berries, which are otherwise known as goji berries in the U.S., are all staples of East Asian diets. These foods are rich in vitamins that your skin needs, so add them to your dinner plate.

Uguisu no fun, or Nightingale Feces 

Dried nightingale droppings were used centuries ago by Japanese geishas to give their skin a soft glow. Finally, this old tradition is making its way to western world. The high concentration of urea will help lock moisture into your skin.

Rice Water Face Cleansing 

Boil some rice for dinner tonight and save the water. When it cools, use it to wash your face. You’ll soak up the vitamin E and other leftover antioxidants from the rice, leaving
your skin with a softer appearance.

Oil cleansing 

Oil cleansing might sound like an oxymoron, but it can actually help with breakouts. There is a strong misconception in the west that all oil is bad for your skin, but your skin needs oil to maintain itself. Cosmetic companies from Asia make many types of oil cleansers, and they are starting to show up in American shops. Coconut oil has long been a popular natural skin cream in Thailand, and it will certainly make you smell delicious.

Kelp Cream 

Seaweed, kelp and aloe vera are all natural exfoliants that can eliminate dead skin cells. Throw some into a blender to make your own paste, or better yet buy a facial mask or cream infused with these ingredients.

Who would have thought that incorporating more rice water, goji berries and bird droppings into your life could give you healthier skin? Of course, you also need to drink plenty of water and wear sunblock. A combination of common sense and traditional Asian skincare remedies are the perfect anti aging regimen.



Skin Pigmentation Tips/Guides


These days, new skin enemy for many women is pigmentation. Visible dark spots on your skin can make your face look more aged and distressed. Shockingly, skin pigmentation occurs due to a variety of reasons. A pale patch on the forehead and those visible dark spots around the cheek area also come under the skin pigmentation. Studies claim that more than 60 percent of women list skin pigmentation as the major skin concern.

Although a number of cosmetic products claim to diminish those ugly marks effectively, it is impossible to attain the luminous skin without following a proper skincare routine. Plus, you need to protect your skin well and nourish it with good serums and natural ingredients. A good and healthy diet is highly recommended too. Those with pigmented skin and dark spots can opt for the pigmentation treatment in Singapore. Here are some tips to combat skin pigmentation and nourish skin naturally.

#1 – Follow the basic skincare regimen: 
Keep your skin clean and hydrated with the basic cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. This three step procedure will help you keeping your skin cells healthy and clean. Invest in a good brand of cleanser, toner and moisturizer for better skin maintenance, facial promotion and that youthful glow.

#2 – Use a good sun block lotion: 
Picking the right sun protection for your skin is very important. Find a good sun block lotion with a good SPF factor. Look for the products with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These two ingredients act as a barrier on your skin and protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. A sun block lotion with good broad spectrum coverage can absorb sun rays effectively and keep your skin protected by stopping melanin development.

#3 – Use a topical Vitamin C: 
Vitamin C is antioxidant rich and helps your skin from UV damage. Plus, the active ingredients in vitamin C boost collagen productions, lighten pigmentation and prevents melanin production. By including this in your daily skincare regime, you can help your skin get rid of any ugly pigmentation and dark spots. Vitamin C will also provide your skin an extra layer of defence from the harmful sun rays. Just mix a few drops of this vitamin serum in your daily moisturizer and use it daily.

#4 – Feed your skin: 
Eating a good diet rich with nutritious vegetables and antioxidant rich foods is equally important to maintain your skin. Include colourful fruits and vegetables, especially the ones rich in beta-carotene, lycopene, flavonoids and antioxidants. Foods rich with these natural pigments and ingredients protect skin from harmful sun rays and improve the skin condition by boosting collagen production naturally. Consider to include a variety of vitamin E rich foods in your diet, which include fish, leafy greens and organic grains.


Singapore Slim: Dropping the Pounds in Paradise


When booking your last getaway, ask yourself how many times were you persuaded by the fitness amenities at a hotel or resort, only to never step a trainer-clad foot in the onsite gym? The average man gains approximately 2.3 kg (5lb) while on holiday, and while this may not seem like much it can lead to what experts call “creeping obesity” which carries on well after they’re back into their normal routine. One way to help stem this problem is by making weight management or weight loss not only a priority during your time away, but a main feature.

Singapore is an exotic destination that ticks a lot of holiday boxes. From aesthetic treatments and spa clinics in the heart of its hustle and bustle to secluded resorts and slimming centres in Singapore’s postcard perfect beaches, you can find a way to holiday at your pace without packing on the pounds. Here are a few reasons to consider Singapore for your next destination:

1. A Clean Slate – removing yourself from your familiar environment and comfortable routine can be a shock to the system, but you can also make it work for you. Think of it as a chance to start over, without the familiar temptations of home or haunting reminders of past goals that went unachieved, like that dust-covered dumbbell set you got three Christmases ago.

2. Motivation is All Around You – surrounding yourself in a beautiful environment, particular one that focuses on health and weigh management, will automatically put you into the mind set to take better care of your body. Sitting on a beachside terrace next to bikini-clad beauties and toned surfers might just make you think twice about ordering that extra side of chips.

3. They Have It All – You can dial up the intensity at a punishing boot camp, enjoy a more lazy-river pace in a state-of-the-art weight loss program in Singapore, or find something in between. Even for men looking to bariatric surgery (in extreme cases), many find that the medical treatment in Singapore is second to none and the cost is quite reasonable given the exchange rate. Whatever your fitness, health or aesthetic goal, you can find it here.

4. Conquer Those Man-Killers – Diabetes and heart disease are two of the biggest causes of death among men today, and reducing excess weight is a great way to reduce your risk and potentially get you rid of all those daily tablets and medications. If you’re going to achieve a new body, why not enjoy it for as long as possible by extending your life? If nothing else, do it to live long enough to give two fingers to anyone who said you couldn’t.

You work hard for you holiday and it’s about high time to make your holiday work just as hard for you, and Singapore is just the place to relax, rejuvenate and even reinvent your body. What better souvenir to bring back from your travels than a whole new you?


Common Lasik Surgery Risks


Everyone values the ability to see and will try their best to take care of their eyesight. However, despite their best efforts, people suffer from various eye diseases that cause them to wear corrective lenses and glasses. There are also eye problems such as hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness) that affect people of all ages. One way of treating such eye diseases is by using Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery. Lasik is a refractive surgery that bends light rays to focus on the retina for sharper vision. Before patients undergo the LASIK surgery, it is important for them to know about some of the risks involved.


Before correcting vision problems with LASIK surgery, an eye surgeon will evaluate the thickness and shape of the cornea. People with irregularly-shaped or very thin corneas may not be the best candidates for this procedure. In some instances, Lasik eye surgery may involve the risk of undercorrections. These risks will occur if the eye surgeon removes very little tissue from the eye, meaning that the patient does not get the results they desired. Undercorrections mostly affect nearsighted people, and the best way to correct them is by using an enhancement (refractive) surgery.

Unsuccessful Procedures

Another common risk that patients with eye problems encounter is their vision going back to what is was before it was corrected. The problem mostly afflicts people with wounds that heal abnormally, pregnant women, and persons with hormonal imbalances.


A different risk of LASIK eye surgery is overcorrection. Such cases occur when surgeons remove a lot of tissue from the eyes of their patients. When compared to undercorrection, this problem is much more difficult for experts to rectify.


Patients who undergo LASIK eye surgery are also at risk of Astigmatism. This issue occurs when the tissue removal during surgery is uneven. A Singapore eye centre professional may recommend contact lenses, eyeglasses, or additional surgery to take care of the problem. Patients may also end up with visual changes or loss after the surgery as a result of several complications. Some patients also experience blurred vision, a condition that was absent before the surgery.

Night Vision Problems

After some people undergo the surgery, it becomes difficult for them to see at night. They may have double vision, halos whenever there are bright lights, and glares.

Drops in Tear production

After undergoing LASIK surgery, some people may experience reduced tear production. The problem is temporary and may last up to six months after the surgery. In such instances, the eyes may feel dry during the healing process. Dry eyes will reduce the ability to see clearly. A Singapore eye centre doctor may recommend the use of eye drops to deal with the temporary problem. If the problem is severe, patients can ask surgeons for the available corrective options. Among these is the placement of special plugs in the tear ducts that will also prevent the fluid from draining from the eyes.

Flap Issues

Flap problems are other risks of LASIK eye surgery that can lead to complications such as inflammation, excessive secretion of tears, and infections. The problems occur when doctors remove or fold back the flaps during the surgery.



6 Ways to Treat Red Marks and Scars Caused by Acne


The scars left by blemishes often fade with time. If you want to hasten the healing process, however, there are a number of ways to treat the marks left over after a blemish has healed.

The Types of Acne Marks

Depending on the severity of the acne, it can impact the skin in different ways. When a pimple forms, it’s due to inflammation. In order to get rid of the unwanted inflammation, the body sends helper cells to the pimple, which cause more inflammation during the healing process. This inflammation leaves behind noticeable pigmentation. People with pale skin might be left with red or pink marks, while people with darker skin will be left with brown coloured marks. These marks aren’t necessarily scars, and they usually fade with time.

Acne can also cause more permanent damage to the skin. The inflammation caused by cystic acne can damage the skin’s supply of elastin and collagen. Without these necessary support fibres, real, lasting scarring can occur. These scars take the form of indentations, often referred to as “ice pick scars.”

How to Treat Acne Marks and Scars

1. Chemical Exfoliants 

BHA exfoliants are a potent acne treatment that help to prevent future breakouts. They can penetrate the pore to treat acne before it starts. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, which means that they reduce the redness caused by leftover acne marks. AHA exfoliants can also help fade unwanted acne marks. They do not penetrate pores, however, making BHA the better choice for people still struggling with acne.

2. Retinol 

Products that contain retinol are an important tool in any acne fighting arsenal. Retinol communicates with the skin on a cellular level, helping to reduce unwanted inflammation and speed up the healing process.

3. Sunscreen 

Slathering on SPF every day is a must for anyone who cares about the health of their skin. UV rays hinder the skin’s ability to repair itself, so going outside without any sun protection slows down the natural processes that get rid of discolouration.

4. Chemical Peels 

To get rid of discolouration faster, consider trying a chemical peel. These can greatly improve the surface of the skin and even out the skin tone. They can also boost new cell formation, which leads to long term improvements. AHA and BHA peels are most popular for getting rid of acne marks, but TCA peels can be even more effective. Talk to a dermatologist or skin care professional about the best options for your skin.

5. Dermal Fillers 

For people with permanent acne scars, chemical peels and over the counter skin care products might not be enough. Dermal fillers can be used to fill in the indentations left by acne, leaving people with smoother looking skin.

6. Lasers 

Laser are another effective way to improve the appearance of pitted acne scars. Fraxel is a popular choice, and it works by stimulating collagen production in the skin. This helps the skin to heal itself, and leaves the top layer of the skin looking smoother, younger and more healthy.