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You haven’t had a sunbSunburnurn since you were 13, religiously apply antioxidant creams and you bid farewell to cigarettes years ago. But when it comes to anti-aging techniques, the following misconceptions about skincare may be doing more harm than good. Knowing which anti-aging products to use can be tricky. With their labels promising all kinds of results, it can difficult to decipher which is the best.

If you start your anti-aging regimen when you are in your twenties, how does it impact your skin when you are in your forties? According to experts, both men and women need to be diligent with skincare beginning when they are in their twenties. First and foremost is the use of sunscreen. This should be your go-to product even if its cloudy. Sun damage caused by not using it daily will result in premature aging: say hello to fine lines and wrinkles, possibly before you are 40 years old.

Next on your skincare to-do list is a night serum such as Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Even if you have an occasional flareup of acne, applying a high quality night serum will help your skin repair itself. Remember that everyone’s skin is not the same. Know your skin type and choose skincare products accordingly.

In addition to using anti-aging products specifically formulated for your skin type such as Belif Skincare in Singapore, what you eat has a huge impact on your skin. A diet high in sugar and fat will lead to weight gain and other signs that will be written all over your face. Follow a rainbow diet that is high is vegetables and low in refined sugar. If you just can’t help yourself, limit your indulgence to once a week. Research has shown that people who eat more yellow and green vegetables have fewer wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Starting a skincare routine when you are young won’t stop you from aging, but it will slow down the aging process.


Scalp Treatments That Soothe the Skin to Improve Your Hair’s Condition


Woman having a bad hair dayCommon Types of Scalp Conditions Experienced by Women and Men

Scalp problems are common for both men and women, but there are ways for you to soothe and improve the condition of your scalp to reduce discomfort. Health conditions that occur on the scalp include:

• Tinea capitis – a type of fungal infection that causes hair loss
• Dandruff – excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp
• Malassezia – a spongy yeast-like fungus that appears on the scalp
• Allergic reactions – sensitivities to hair care products or local water
• Eczema – skin inflammation due to a poor immune system
• Psoriasis – scaly and itchy skin patches on the scalp
• Alopecia – bald spots and loss of hair caused by heredity or immunity problems
• Pityriasis amiantacea – bacterial infection of the scalp
• Seborrhea dermatitis – mild skin irritation on the scalp

Narodnye-metody-perhotOnce a problem begins on the scalp, it often becomes chronic, and many conditions also cause intense itching that leads to you scratching your skin. As you scratch, your skin and hair follicles become more inflamed. As a result, you can begin to lose hair strands and may also develop small to large bald spots.

scalp-massageSimple Ways to Soothe Your Scalp to Reduce Inflammation

Rather than continuing to suffer from discomfort along with loss of hair, it is essential to seek scalp treatment in Singapore at a place where knowledgeable individuals know how to help. In addition, when you have scalp problems, you can find ways to improve the health of your scalp to prevent itchy skin and loss of hair. There are several ways to treat the scalp to remove your flaky skin along with reducing inflammation and also having thicker and shiner hair. Here are a few ideas to try:

• Tea-tree oil – a natural substance that soothes the scalp
• Egg oil – derived from egg yolks and improves inflamed skin
• Coal tar – added to medicated shampoos to treat the scalp
• Antifungals – added to shampoos and conditioners to eliminate fungus
• Massage – massaging the scalp can increase blood circulation
• Dietary changes – increasing iron, vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids with foods
• Stress reduction – reducing mental anxiety that leads to skin problems
• Supplements – taking dietary supplements to improve the skin on the scalp
• Herbs – rubbing herbal treatments into the scalp and hair

get-rid-of-dry-scalpWhen you have an itchy, inflamed or greasy scalp, it is vital to request professional scalp treatment in Singapore as quickly as possible. With specialized hair and skin care, it is possible to find relief for the uncomfortable symptoms on your scalp.

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Make Sure You Get Good Botox

Botox is something that millions of people are getting, yet nobody wants to discuss. In this day and age Botox injections, chin fillers, facial enhancements, are almost a natural part of life. But did you know that it is crucial to get good Botox and not just any run-of-the-mill kind? This is absolutely true. Bad Botox can result in extremely bad facial freezing, uneven eyebrow lines, and other lasting problems. This article will discuss what you need to know to ensure you are getting the best kind.

Go to a Reputable Clinic

This is your face we are talking about! So when you make that appointment with a Botox clinic, do make sure they have an excellent reputation! Do some homework on them. Find out how long they have been in business, find out what specific types of Botox they use, take notice of any certifications, ask for references and speak to those people. All of this preparation will definitely be worth the time and effort.

reputable clinic for chin fillers

Important Things to Know about Your Botox

Before you schedule that appointment with the Botox clinic, ask the cosmetic dermatologist a few questions. The questions should include:

* Will there be a lot of bruising?
* What are some side effects I can expect to get?
* Can I lean forward afterwards?
* Can I lay down after getting the injections?
* Can I put makeup on over the specific areas?
* Can I get on a plane or other mode of transportation afterwards?

If you do not like the answers to these questions, then choose another dermatologist. You must be one hundred percent sure of exactly what you are getting into before selecting your cosmetic dermatologist.

Other Things about Your Botox

Did you know that it is best NOT to exercise on your treatment day? That is because doing so will increase the risk and amount of bruising you will experience. Additionally, do not take anything like Motrin, Aleve, common aspirin, or ibuprofen on your treatment day. These can make your blood thinner which is not a good idea on your Botox day. Although there is no concrete proof of this, many people swear by ingesting arnica tabs (on treatment day) as a way of helping to reduce swelling and bruising.

Some Very Good Reasons to Get Botox

Do not be put off by the naysayers when it comes to getting Botox injections. There are some excellent reasons to get them, such as:

* They smooth wrinkles
* They can make your lips plump
* They eliminate crows’ feet
* They can give the tip of your nose a youthful boost
Chin fillers can enhance the look of your lower face
* Botox can help you achieve an overall younger look

botox for chin fillers enhancement


Many people, both women and men, have achieved everything they wanted when they had Botox injections. As long as youfil have the right person administering the injections, and you are receiving good quality Botox, it is absolutely safe and self-gratifying. There is a plethora of cosmetic experts who offer this service. As long as you take the time to investigate the pros and cons of doing it for yourself, you will be just as satisfied as the millions of others who have done it.